Beard-o-Bees, Low Lumens, Soporus

SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 17, 2018 · 8PM · @ Circle of Hope, 2007 Frankford Ave, Philadelphia, PA [map]

An evening of electronic and ambient music with beautiful visuals and good vibes.

Entry: sliding scale $5-$15 donation · [rsvp]

Beard-o-Bees  [fb]

Jesse Miller (Lotus, Octave Cat) performs solo as Beard-o-Bees. His unique approach to live electronic music includes modular analog synthesizers and a self-designed sequencing program controlled with an LED grid called a monome. Improvisation and real-time audio manipulation are the heart of a Beard-o-Bees performance. Come for the switchboard-esque modular synths and ludicrous amount of knobs, stay to dance to melodic electronic music influenced by house, techno and eclectic dance music.

Low Lumens  [web] [fb]

Low Lumens (Pittsburgh) - Audiovisual artist Danny Bracken creates beautiful and ebullient minimal electronic music under the name Low Lumens. Composer of music for film and television and formerly of the band Anathallo, Bracken embeds an inherent ear for melody within buried arpeggios and rhythms. His first full length album The Distant, Everyday was released by Burnt Toast Vinyl and Moorworks in Japan in 2017. The performance features projected visuals that are manipulated live with the music.

Soporus  [web] [fb]

Soporus is a shoegaze-inspired, ambient drone collective from Philadelphia formed by childhood friends Matthew Stone and Will Stichter in 2003. Primarily playing guitar and bass, respectively, and fleshed out with electronics and keyboards, Stone and Stichter craft glacial drones, layers of elegant and noisy guitars, and subtle rhythmics into immersive landscapes of sound, influenced by themes of memory, family, and humanity's attempts to harness nuclear power. Founded as a side project of instrumental post-rock band Saxon Shore, Soporus has developed a tightly-crafted, yet widely-varying catalog of ambient music, with several releases on Burnt Toast Vinyl, as well as a slew of compilation appearances over their decade-and-a-half. Their most recent album, Windscale Pile No.1, is a deep listen that navigates deeply moving melodic passages as well as subtly shifting drones that exist on the edge of active perception.

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